Active Living at The Albemarle

As March rolls in, we here at The Albemarle have been going non-stop on outings and our daily programs. This week especially has been one big whirlwind! We started March off by taking residents to Martin Millenium Academy to continue our resident tutoring program. This time we had all new residents and all new experiences with our students. They just love hearing what things the kids say and seeing how smart they are! They were truly impressed with their reading skills. We then took residents in The Springs and The Inn to Mayflower Seafood Restaurant in Greenville and had an amazing time filling our bellies full of shrimp and other great fish!

We continued these action packed outings to Edgecombe Community College where we saw a performance like none they had seen before called Cirque Esprit. This performance featured mind-blowing stunts that took an amazing amount of strength to complete. As we looked on, the audience gasped as these performers attempted things that most of us could not imagine doing ourselves! As they juggled, spun in the air or on ground, and went round and round in the ring, lovely and talented musicians played live behind them to make their performance tell a story. As they performed an amazing feat, the music would swell, and as they showed off their flexibility in an unbelievable pose, the music would soften. Our residents were amazed at how strong and flexible both the men and women were. Some of our residents even got to take a picture with the performers!

The excitement continued as we took residents from The Springs to Edgecombe Community College where they had their nails done by the school of cosmetology. We felt so spoiled! We finished off the excitement by completing our week with our monthly Snack Crate class which imports snacks from a different country each month. This month we had Sweden! The class was held in our newly renovated lobby. Although it is not completed, the residents could not wait to sit in our lobby once again especially with the new and luxurious light fixtures and paint! We can’t wait to see it when it is completely finished! Stay tuned for more adventures from your Albemarle family!

Resident Tutors Children
Resident reading to children at Martin Millenium

Cirque Esprit
Man performing amazing stunts in a wheel.

Cirque Esprit 2
Woman performing stunts from a hanging ring.

Cirque Esprit 3
Woman performing stunts from a hanging bar.

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